About The Spohrs

Who are you Spohrs, anyway?
We're glad you asked. The Spohr Family is Mike, Heather, Madeline, and our dog Rigby. We live in Los Angeles. We've been a family for over five years, and Mike has been a Spohr for over thirty years.

What's with the name?
Well, Spohr is our last name. It's pronounced SPORE. According to Wikipedia, a spore is a reproductive structure that is adapted for dispersion and surviving for extended periods of time in unfavorable conditions. Like us, only spelled differently.

Remember after 9/11 when there was that big anthrax spore scare?
Oh yes, we remember. We thought all your jokes were hilarious.

What's this blog about and why should I read it?
We started this blog when Heather was pregnant. It was a rough and rocky pregnancy and we wanted to keep our friends informed. When Madeline was born premature, we posted updates about her rough start in life. Now that she's out of the neonatal intensive care unit, she's been hospitalizd a few times thanks to complications from her premature birth. You should read because at the very least, we're funnier than that spreadsheet you're supposed to be working on or that pile of dishes sitting in your sink. And you KNOW you love reading about hospital drama.

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