Eternity Clothes

This Friday, Madeline will be five months old. Five months, wow. That also means it's been five months since I've been pregnant. I think that means it's time I put away the maternity clothes.

When my bed rest switched from temporary to permanent, I gave almost all of my maternity clothes to Tara. I kept a few things, mostly my comfy clothes, my jeans, and the business clothes I'd bought. I was glad I kept the work clothes, because when I went back to work four weeks after my C-Section, there was no way my pre-preggers clothes were going to fit. Having a baby in the hospital doesn't leave a lot of time to go to the gym! I was excited to wear a lot of the less-obvious maternity clothes. I'd spent a chunk of cash on them (maternity clothes cost a ridiculous amount, such a racket) and I wanted to get my money's worth!

But now, here we are five months later. I've lost about 12 pounds, not nearly what I thought I'd be down at this point, but enough that I've started to notice that, maybe, my pants are too big. That, perhaps, my skirts shouldn't spin on my hips. I know that my clothes aren't looking so hot on my body anymore, but yet, I can't motivate to go shopping for new clothes. Maternity clothes are like wearing really awesome, dressy sweat pants. Why would I want to stop wearing sweat pants to work? It's bad enough that I have to wear heels.

Nonetheless, I think Friday is the day. My maternity clothes will no longer be eternity clothes. I'm going to make a nice, clean break from the mama-to-be wear and get some new stuff this weekend. I'm going to enjoy my last three days of elastic-waisted fancy pants, though, because Lord knows I am not going to be wearing them again ANY time soon!

...except the jeans. I love those jeans.


Kristin.... said...

I can't stand clothes shopping (well, sort of. I love to buy things that FIT). BUT, I couldn't wait to stop wearing my maternity clothes. After the twins, I got rid of it as soon as humanly possible. I actually passed all the clothes on to a neighbor who was pregnant with twins. So, at least they were doing something useful besides gathering dust in my closet.

Gemini Girl said...

you know that I pretty much could have written the same exact post. I gained, i would estimate- about 60 pounds during my pg (meanwhile, what's my excuse- the girls were preemies!). I have lost about 20-30 of them, which still leaves me 30 pounds more than my pre preg weight. Sigh.

I cannot fit into my pre=preggo wardrobe. But my maternity clothes are starting to get big on me too. I have went ahead and purchased some new clothes- in larger sizes for now, but still the pants are giving me trouble! My tummy is still big, but my legs are smaller- making it soooo hard to find pants that are not maternity- to fit. Alas, I am still wearing my too large maternity pants- and jeans. I love the jeans.

Anonymous said...

I want to go shopping!!! :)

- Brianne

Kim said...

Oh man, I know this feeling. It isn't fair that I should lose a baby at four months pregnant and still LOOK four months pregnant. What the? Good luck with the packing up...sounds like you deserve a few new outfits!