Oxygen and Other Necessary Things.

Needles don't scare meMaddie has been showing lots of signs of improvement. She is OVER laying in bed, and loves to be in a swing, just like at home. One of her nurses found a swing for her and she has a blast staring at the lights and fishies hanging around her. She is recognizing people and gives big smiles to anyone who comes in the room. I love getting those smiles!! She had blood drawn for lab work and slept right through it, I couldn't believe it. She is so tough.

Her Pediatrician is hopeful that she will be able to come home sometime in the next few days. We'll believe it when we see it, since this whole hospital stay was only supposed to be for a night or two. Two of her breathing treatments have been discontinued because her lungs sound so much better, so we're thrilled about that. Her antibiotics and lasix seem to be working. I don't know if she's going to have another chest x-ray or not. As always, it depends on who you're talking to.

The big thing today is getting her off the oxygen. Her Pediatrician thinks that she needs to be pushed, and I agree. If Maddie is on oxygen for too long, her body will start to rely on it and we don't want that. So her oxygen has been greatly reduced, down to 1/4 liter, and the hope is that she will be able to pull her blood oxygen levels up on her own. So far this has been met with limited success. We actually started with her completely off the oxygen, but her levels fell into the 70's, which is why she is now receiving a quarter liter. If she can tolerate a quarter liter today, maybe tomorrow she'll be on an eighth, and on Saturday she could possibly be completely off it. Otherwise, she'll be coming home on oxygen, which, while not ideal, is better than not home at all.


Mommy's Boot Camp said...

WOW.. your daughter is BEAUTIFUL & how special it must be to see her out of her hospital bed. I don't know how I came across your blog but I LOVE to get updates on baby Maddie my girls (4 & 3) love the pictures & I am thankful every day that when my own baby (born 2 days before Maddie) was admitted to hospital for a one night stay it truely was a one night stay for pneumonia!! Please keep on Blogging!!!

Chas said...

She looks so very sweet. I pray that she gets past this very soon!!

Kristin.... said...

We're keeping tabs on you too. My husband asks me what I've read. We're still thinking good thoughts for you. She is so cute!

Gemini Girl said...

I am so glad that she is doing better and might be coming home soon!
Thinking of you guys and praying!

btw- we will all def meet up when you guys come to New York- that would be so much fun!

Dana said...

Keep on truckin', Maddie! You need to come home and cheer on the Dodgers! Big hugs to you and your Mommy and Daddy.

Rhea said...

I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers your way...that your Maddie can go home soon and be healthy and happy.