The New Ashton & Demi

After my last post, I was rounding up my torches and Molotov cocktails when Maddie's pediatrician (looooove) called me. She'd heard about the results of Maddie's sweat test and wanted to make sure we were okay and that we weren't worried. She said that in her medical opinion, Maddie does NOT have CF, and while her sweat test was elevated, she thinks it was a lab error. She also said that it IS a good idea to have Maddie tested again (since the test doesn't hurt her at all), but we shouldn't worry about it or let it ruin our weekend. This is why I looooove her.

Maddie has learned a new "trick" that started out really cute. Now it's driving us to the brink of crazy:

My first mistake was laughing. Now she does it ALL THE TIME! She's even doing it in her sleep!

It was a big friend weekend around these parts. Mike, Maddie and I brought dinner to our friend Leslie, who was hanging out while her husband was out of town. It was nice to visit with her and her mother, who was staying with her. I also had lunch with my friend Alyssa. We haven't spent time together in a long while, and I was really happy for the opportunity to catch up on her life.

Maddie is a cougarMaddie finally met her future husband this weekend. Today is my best friend Tara's birthday, so Maddie and I had lunch with Tara and our friends Ashley, Diane and Diane's nine month old Meghan to celebrate. After lunch, Maddie and I went back to Tara's house to introduce the kiddos. We sat their chairs next to each other and took pictures, yapping about them getting married until Tara's husband gagged. Her son is six weeks old and already weighs a pound more than Maddie! He needs to teach her a thing or two about gaining weight.


Bec said...

Such a cute video! Erin does that, but she thinks it's kissing.

Gemini Girl said...

OMG how adorable! But I can understand how that could quickly turn into something you would like to flee from. Neve started talking/screeching two weeks ago- and she has yet to stop. It's a high pitched screech that we can hear at 5am when she wakes up. And mind you- thats what she does when she's happy! BTW- pics on my blog!

Kristin.... said...

Oh, happy clicky girl. That's Izzie. She can imitate ANY noise we make. We still find it cute, even at 16 months.

Glad looove called you. What a good doctor.

sparklykatt said...

She is just gorgeous!!

Dana said...

What a cutie!!