A Man Named Ginger

Now that you all know about one of Mike's more embarrassing tidbits, I thought I might share the story of how we met. I actually get asked all the time. Consider this me answering some reader mail.

at his sister's weddingI met Mike at a now-defunct Karaoke Bar called the Queen Mary. My brother, Kyle, organized a group outing to the bar, and he convinced me to come along and meet some of his friends. He'd just gone to a party a few weeks earlier where he'd met a bunch of former screenwriting majors (a very hard major that only 24 students get admitted to per year) and they were going to be at the karaoke extravaganza. I didn't think much of it because, being freshly out of college, almost all of Kyle's friends were from film school.

A Very Federline HalloweenKyle and I carpooled to the bar, and since I like to be fashionably late cough never on time cough, we arrived after everyone else. I immediately went up to the bar, and when I looked over to my left I saw Mike. I thought, "Hey, that guy looks like Carson Daly, but not bloated or tool-ish." I told him as much, to which he replied, "Well, you look like Melissa Joan Hart, you know, the Teenage Witch." After those stellar compliments, we didn't talk for a while, although I had my eye on him.

I went to the bathroom to put on some lipstick, and that's when I learned the Queen Mary wasn't just a Karaoke Bar - it was a DRAG QUEEN Karaoke Bar. I also learned that drag queens use the Ladies' Room.

New Year's Eve 2004Drag Queens are my people. They flock to me. I had no sooner walked into this restroom when two gorgeous queens descended on me, complimenting my hair and my lipstick shade. They asked me if I was there with anyone, and then one said, "honey, there are some fine male specimens here to-NIGHT!" The other remarked, "baby, Ginger and I saw you eying that one tall dark drink of water. You GO for him!"

"Okay, Ginger and Ginger's friend," I said, "I will."

I got back out to the main area of the bar just as Mike was getting on stage. I took Ginger's advice and went for him, and the next thing I knew I was on stage with Mike for a rousing rendition of Elvis Costello's "Allison."

ChicagoLater in the night, I found out that Mike was rooting for the Giants in the World Series! I couldn't believe it. I snorted my derision and might have uttered some expletives at the Giants' expense. Mike was quick to point out that the Dodgers hadn't even made the playoffs. Touche. We traded a few more insults, and then the night was over. I went home and told my roomies Jackie and Bella about the cute guy I'd met. They suggested I invite him to a birthday party our friends were hosting at the end of the next month.

A few weeks went by (and the Giants lost the series) until we finally met up again, at the same karaoke bar. This time, instead of being insulting, we were actually nice to each other. I suddenly found myself feeling somewhat shy, but the words of Ginger and Ginger's friend rang in my ear. I went for it, and asked him to the party. He accepted, and then invited me to dinner. We've been together ever since.

Ginger was the Maid of Honor.*
and we lived happily ever after
*Just kidding!!! But that would have been rad.


Gemini Girl said...

aww- how sweet!!!!!!!!

i should totally write the same type of post. Yeah- I'm stealing your idea, and you cant do anything about it sucka!

KLS said...

LOL at "Drag Queens are my people". You make me laugh every day. Mike's not too shabby either. Thanks!

Mom24 said...

What an awesome story. I'm sure he will definitely whisk you off someplace fabulous and give you a diamond encrusted camera for your birthday. What a beautiful wedding picture. I was really pulling for a picture of Ginger though.

Z said...

Oh, I totally need to do this! We were just asked this at dinner the other night, and we both just kinda looked at each other and were like... "Um, moving on?" (Let's just say, we were both seeing other people at the time) But if I write it down, maybe I can make it sound like a better story? Possibly? ;)

Aunt Becky said...

Awwwww! Cute!

(you two are too good looking)

Black Hockey Jesus said...

That was a sweet first reaction to your future husband. I met Jenna (oops!) when she was working in a bookstore. She thought I was hot (WHICH I AM!) so she gave me her 33% discount off my books. My first thought was "I'm coming back here. This bimbo can't count."

Black Hockey Jesus said...

Great pic in the hall by the way. You 2 look like raucous LA types.

Danielle said...

So schmoopie!

Carson daly? yes
Melissa Joan Hart? uh-uh. I don't see it...

RubiaLala said...

I love that story!

Great pictures. It looks like you guys have a lot of fun together.

Kristin.... said...

What a great story. Mine is not so exciting! Nice pics.

linda rae said...

Okay. NOW we know how you two got that beeyoooteeful baby.

Pretty good-looking genes there.

from a random stranger in Canada

(I love your blog)

Stefanie said...

So let me get this straight - you married a drag queen? Oooh, no she di'int! You go girl! Snap!

london2434 said...

omg. that was the big purple building on ventura, right?

i'm with the others when i say i am totally devastated that there are no pictures of ginger...or ginger's friend and that they were not involved in the wedding in some way...even if it was only doing ur make-up or mike's.

between me cooing at the live feed of the lioness with her cubs in norway and laughing way, way out loud for no apparent reason while reading your blog the folks at work are going to think the heatwave has taken another victim...or perhaps it was just a dirty martini. they wouldn't be surprised by either.

ps - the pic of brit and k-fed is awesome!!

Baby B said...

Awww, that's a great story! That touch of drag just makes it oh so much better, for sure.

Stacy said...

Wow, y'all really DO look like Carson Daley and Melissa Joan Hart. That's so unfair it's sickening.

(Found you through Baby on Bored, by the way. I like!)

Dana said...

Totally rad!

Girl, you are one hot, sexy mama! You two are so great together!

Gotta go... I'm addicted to this new blog I found... ;)

Tara said...

Did you indirectly just refer to me as a drag queen? I'm a little insulted.

hollibobolli said...

For a second I thought you were saying you married a drag queen.. I totally had to back it up!!

I love that last pic - so does Faith.