Target Birthday

I am a lot of things: wife, mother, short, daughter, gorgeous, sister, etc, but one thing I try very hard not to be is boring. Yeah, sometimes my blog posts about trying to lose weight are duller than a dirty penny, but in real life I think I'm pretty fun. At least, I try to be.

I'm not sure if any of you heard, but my birthday is tomorrow, June 27th. I'm taking the day off of work, so my coworkers asked me when I wanted to have my celebratory birthday lunch. When it's someone's birthday around here, we let that person pick wherever they want to go to celebrate. We couldn't go to lunch today because there is an event going on, so it was yesterday.

I wanted to do something completely different for my lunch. I thought about it for a while, and made my decision. I think the email I sent out to my coworkers this past Monday explains it the best:

Wednesday is the day to celebrate. In our troubling economic times, I didn’t want to do anything expensive that would break the bank. Since we have to use gas, I thought it might be helpful to have my birthday celebration somewhere we could all multi-task. That place, dear friendworkers (because we’re more than just coworkers), is Target. Why Target? Because it has a Starbucks and Pizza Hut. Because is has electronics, groceries, shoes, and dog bones. Because it has EVERYTHING. Did you know Target has wine? Because this Target sells wine and I can’t get over it. Wine! In a Target! So, Wednesday, bring your grocery list and an appetite for shitty Pizza Hut pizza, and carpool on over to the Target in the Galleria. We’ll roll at 12 noon. Everyone is invited.

(I feel it is important at this point to tell you that my husband is probably mortified that I'm sharing this story. He doesn't understand Target. Oh, how I have tried. He loves everything I have bought him from there. He just doesn't GET the sheer AWESOMENESS that is Target. I think it has something to do with his mother.)

My friendworkers, either because they are totally used to me and my weirdness OR because they are on the Target Train, thought this was a fun idea. So yesterday we piled into some cars and hit the Target hard. I was pretty excited about getting some Pizza Hut, but when it was my turn at the counter, I was swayed by the promise of broccoli cheddar soup (my favorite), so I ordered that, some bread sticks, and an orange icee. Man, seeing that in writing makes it sound pretty disgusting. It wasn't. It was awesome.
orange slushi, broccoli cheddar soup, bread sticks
My friendworkers all got varying meals, but none were as stoked as Rage:
I've never seen a dude so happy about two wieners before
He was so happy about his wieners. And yes, I made everyone pose with their food for a picture.

After we ate, we wandered the store. This Target really does have it all. I just wish we'd had more time! Someday, I will set aside an entire afternoon to wander all three stories of this glorious abode. Everyone got their errands done. I bought baby clothes and formula, N bought bathing suits, C bought cards, A bought shaving cream, etc. A very successful birthday lunch, if I do say so myself.

So if you read this whole thing, you probably think I am weird or fun. Either one is cool with me, as long as you don't think I'm boring! And just wait until you see the circus I have in store for my birthday celebration on Saturday.


Sharon said...

Happy, happy birthday to you!!!! You have given me fresh insight into my upcoming birthday next week...maybe Costco (a polish, soda and frozen yogurt anyone???)

Hope your celebration brings you joy.

Black Hockey Jesus said...

I'm not overstating when I tell you that that picture of Rage made me laugh so hard that I teared up. I am drying my eyes as a result of your Rage picture.

I don't mean to take over your blog but I want complete day-to-day Rage updates with photos. Totally awesome.

Hi Rebecca Woolf. Do you read Heather's blog. I'm your number 1 fan. -BHJ

Backpacking Dad said...

I can't go to Target without dropping $200. So I had to start planning a weekly trip there to spread out the purchases so it isn't so jarring when I see that I have once again blown through the beer money.

I think I'm spending more now.

And BHJ is turning a little stalkerish on GGC. I think I'll send her an e-mail warning her about him. Because we're BFF (and she totally commented on my blog waaaaaaay back when I first started it.)

Aunt Becky said...


I think we're related.

Anonymous said...

Nice way to spend it! Very unconventional - I love pretty much all things unconventional :D

Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

Fellow Target Junkie here! I find reasons to go to Target and if I can't, I make some up! Happy Birthday Heather!

Mike said...

I think you're weird...AND fun!!!


Anna Marie said...

Happy Birthday! and DAMN am I jealous that you have a three-story Target with a Pizza Hut AND a Starbucks. Our East Coast Targets do sell wine so at least I'm not having a conniption of envy over that.

And Happy Birthday again!

Kristine said...

I SO get it!

Happy birthday!!!!

Danes said...

Heather, I'm disappointed in you. Why didn't you commandeer one of those Target motorized carts? You could have had a BIRTHDAY PARADE in Target!!

Ali said...

i kind of want to cry right this very second because Target is HEAVEN...and we don't have ANY Targets in CAnada. wah.

kellee said...

First of all, totally awesome idea. Secondly, I LOVE Target. In fact, the entrance to my apartments is about 100 feet from my front door, just have to cross a four lane street and then I'm in the Target parking lot. :D I was there this morning.. I bought: Dog food/treats, carpet shampoo, printer paper, a rug, a photo album, and a pack of A-shirts. Seriously, they have everything, all under one roof.. I love it! And a three-story Target? Seriously?!? I MUST see this, I would be in HEAVEN. Thirdly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Can't wait to hear about the big plans. :)

moosh in indy. said...

3 story Target? Forget heaven being up in the clouds.
Icees for all.

Danielle said...

Huh? It's your birthday??


Seriously. I want to work with you. I have a dangerous Target addiction. And going their with my whole office?! Shenanigans!!!

Jodi said...

Happy birthday!

I'm with you. Target is the BEST PLACE EVER. I go to spend $20 and spend $100...I love it!

Jen said...

I think you're AWESOME! I love Target too.

Hope you have a very happy birthday!!

Your new blog friend,

Gemini Girl said...

1) I wish I was with you at target. My husband and I always go together and he NEVER lets me wander the store or buy stupid things

b) am I invited to this bday extravaganza?

3) Let me be the first to wish you a hapy 29th- you are aware that I want many many pictures of your bday celebration.

d) my friends are actually taking me out on saturday for a belated bday as well. Pics to come.

Gemini Girl said...

you have a friend named rage? He looks pretty calm to me (but that may be bec he's about to eat a hot dog)

Stacy said...

Oh my Lord, the Target love. My husband doesn't get it either (because they don't have a proper sporting goods section...wtf?).

I'm pretty sure you just had my most perfect birthday lunch, and there's a very good possibility I will shamelessly steal your idea in the future (although not for work, because I'm a lazy bee-otch who's using online classes and my toddler to avoid getting a job).

Andrea said...

How awesome to celebrate at Target! And to have fun friendworkers (I am also fortunate enough to have them but I lack a Target as fabulous as yours).
I was just emailing a friendworker to see if I could persuade her to a lunchtime Target trip to buy cards (yeah and 80 billion other things I seriously don't need!)