There Should Be Teething Remedies for Adults

I keep starting this entry, only to stop because of the cryyyyyyyyyyyying. I don't know how such a little thing doesn't just pass out from sheer exhaustion! I know I am practically falling over.

Any.Way. WOW! I was so excited to hear from so many of you. I loved finding out who reads about our little family, and when you leave a link to your own blogs, I get really happy! Thanks for all the advice, for realz. I read each one as they came in, since Mike and I were awake with Maddie pretty much all night. I seriously went out and bought EVERYTHING you all suggested. Yes, even the rum, although the only mouth rum is going into is mine. We've constructed an elaborate rating system, and we will post the results tomorrow.

Maddie also had another appointment today with Dr. Lung. That lady is six kinds of crazy. Everything went well, but it wouldn't be an appointment with Dr. Lung if it didn't leave me screaming, "NO! UNACCEPTABLE!" into the phone.

Okay, I give up. The crying has made this entry total crap. I hate to be all Ryan Seacrest in this joint, but really, tomorrow I will fill you all in on the teething remedies and the appointment with Dr. Lung.

I will end with some pictures that pretty much sum up the day. Before I had time to make it to the store to buy your teething remedies, we discovered that Maddie calmed down when we put her in her stroller. If she cried, we'd just roll it across the room (usually gently, which I thought showed remarkable restraint) and she'd settle down.
My stroller is tolerable.
This is the first time we put her in the stroller. She calmed immediately. It was like freaking MAGIC.

Start moving this stroller or you'll be sorry.
Red Alert! The stroller isn't moving! Red Alert! The stroller isn't moving!




Gemini Girl said...

aww.. that last picture breaks my black heart! :)

poor baby. Please let us (as in me) know what happens with dr lung.. plus remedies! my only fear is that this kind of crying will happen on an 11 hour flight. sigh

~Jess said...

Poor baby! and mommy and daddy!

I don't blame you for drinking the rum lol

hollibobolli said...

Can I giggle about that last pic? I have a video somewhere of Faith going nuts - literally eating the side of her crib.. which was probably the only day she only slept in a crib and not with me.

I don't know if anyone suggested this below - but have you tried the homeopathic teething tablets? Because honestly, those things worked wonders for Faith. All the gel didn't do squat.. and she hated the taste.

Hang in there - only a few more years of no sleep and you'll be not sleeping about freakier stuff!!!

You know.. I'm here if you want to call. Always. xoxo

cindy w said...

Wow, that is one tiny ball of rage & fury in that last picture. You know that if she could've had smoke coming out of her ears like in the cartoons, she would have.

Hope you find a teething remedy that works.

Rachel said...

She's cute even when screaming.

I am anxious to hear the results of the teething remedies, my son is teething too and so far nothing has helped.

Kristin.... said...

Oh poor Maddie. She is downright outraged in that last picture. :( I hope tonight is better.