Last month I was welcomed into the Parents Blog Network, which is a cool site that allows me to test products. This benefits you, because then I get to give said products away! Today I'm having a contest on my other blog where you can win personalized Fruit Roll-Ups. They're pretty cool, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment over on my other blog. Easy!

Check out my new blog post below.


Pamela Kramer said...

Oh that sounds like fun! My boy loves Fruit Roll-Ups!

Gemini Girl said...

BTW- we are soooooooo bff's: you tive the simpson's just like I do! My mother was over my house last month and the simpson's wer eon in the background. SHe looked at me and said "Arent you a bit old for cartoons?"
I mean come on lady- look at where I work!

seriosuly- you need to get down here.

Gemini Girl said...

i meant tivo

Gemini Girl said...

so many typos.

Gemini Girl said...

BTW- I see youre wearing the shirt I sent you in the flicker pics..