Maddie Melodies

Mike and I are really trying to make sure Maddie is into music. I'm sure that surprises no one who reads my blog regularly, since I showed you her music-themed nursery. Mike and I are both musical. I grew up playing the piano and singing, and Mike taught himself piano and guitar (his singing voice is great, too). When Mike and Maddie are spending the day at home, Mike plays music for her - everything from the Beatles to Wilco to Mississippi Delta Blues.

We also sing to her a lot. Not your typical nursery rhymes though, but songs we make up. Which also reminds me, can you people please give me the names of some nursery rhymes? I seriously can't think of any except "Rock a Bye Baby." I must have a mental block. Anyway, some of our songs are sweet. Like the one that Mike wrote for Maddie right after she was born:

Madeline, sweet baby Madeline,
Oh what a perfect mess you've got us in,
Madeline, our little Madeline,
You've got the cutest little toes I've ever seen!
And just like I need my heart, I can't be apart from Madeline!
Like a horse needs its cart, I can't be apart from Madeline!
Just like Milhouse needs Bart, I won't be apart from Madeline!
Mike plays the guitar to her while he sings*. Yeah, I know, freaking adorable. I wrote her a little lullaby that I originally sang to her when she was in the NICU:
Baby you and I will fly up in the sky,
fly up in the sky where the world looks little.
Baby you and me, together can't you see,
we'll fly up in the sky where the world looks little.
We're gonna be close to heaven above,
we're gonna be warmed by the sunshine's love.
Baby you and I will fly up in the sky,
fly up in the sky where the world looks little.

They aren't all sweet songs, though. Sometimes she'll be on the changing table and I'll start chanting,
Maddie Moo-zer!
She went poo-zer!
Formula just went right through her!
Yeah, it's a song about poo. They can't all be gems.

We repeat this one to her whenever she goes on a hunger strike.
My Madeline, you are so sweet!
But damn it girl, why won't you eat?
Chow down your food or I will threat
embarrassment here on the 'net.
Munch on these peas, carrots, or pears
to help avoid quizzical stares.
So come on baby, get some chunk
and yummy junk into your trunk.
I'm sure you've read our little songs and chants thinking, "these Spohrs are even stranger than I thought!" And we totally are. But, Maddie loves the loves the songs. She laughs and squeals whenever we sing them. I guess we'll find out soon enough if she's laughing at them or with them.

*if enough of you ask, perhaps I can persuade Mike to let me put a video of him singing to Maddie on You Tube...


Bec said...

We make up songs all the time - Erin loves it, she's started dancing and everything. Our latest is "Where's my doctor" sung to the tune of "I hear thunder" or that French song...

Anyway, Erin's fave nursery rhymes are "The little green frog", "Insy winsy spider" and "Hickory dickory dock" because they all have hand actions which I do with her hands.

Z said...

I will totally be doing this when I have children... As it is, I already do for our dog. As does my husband. Our little ditties, however, are nowhere near as polished as yours. Though my husband does have one about dog poop. AH, yes.

Kristin.... said...

Sing Twinkle Twinkle, ABC, etc. Easy stuff. And put on annoying kids music in the car. My 3 year old has been walking around singing When the Saints Come Marching In for a week!

We also make up crazy songs. Each child has a song I made up for them when they were born using their name. Nothing exciting, but their own little song.

And videos are always fun!

Music is great. I am a classical musician. My husband loved Zeppelin. My 7 year old goes to bed listening to a Beatles CD.

Gemini Girl said...

seriously- I am probably the worst mom ever. I dont sing to them. I odnt have the time girl. But when they were in the NICU I did sing a song to each of them (not mine- a song in hebrew which I will interpert):

The road is long, but I come to see you .

Maybe I was born to sing to you.
The light of the moon will guide me to your side.

If you wait, I promise- I will find a key to your heart.
I will pick a star from the sky,, and tie it to your windowsill.

You are the most beautiful person in the world- my beauty queen. With you I feel alive, you were born for me.....

Everytime I sang it, I would cry hysterically. Damn you heather, why you got to go and make me remember that!


btw- so want to see the clip of mike.

Black Hockey Jesus said...

Mike on You Tube! Mike on You Tube! Mike on You Tube! Or just stick him in your blog.

Here's a song I wrote:

Time for bed
Go to bed
Time for bed
Go to bed
(Reapeat ad infinitum)

Danielle said...

You guys are so cute and creative!!

The only song I could ever think of to calm my guys was the ABC's! Lame.

But that leads you to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep" (same tune) and another with that tune "Bee Boop, Bee Boop, Fire Truck".

But I think Mom and Dad originals are MUCH cooler...

Make sure you keep writing down the words to all of these songs, and make her a book one day. A book of HER nursery rhymes!

So cool!!

OH! And then you can sell it and retire early!!

Mike said...

Z - We totally have songs for our dog too, but no matter how much I pressured Heather to include them here she said this post was just about Maddie. Sorry Rigby!

Aunt Becky said...


I laugh because you remind me that I'm not alone. Seriously. I sing the most insane stuff to my kidlets.

erin said...

put mike on youtube!!!

hollibobolli said...

I want video!! I want video!!!

You know we're all about getting Faith into music. We just had to make (eh hem.. can you say "family stand-off?") a decision about hanging onto our Coldplay tickets since they postponed until November. It was a battle for various reasons. We keepin' da tickets.

Anyway - I think Maddie will definitely benefit from having great musical taste.

Stacy said...

Here is a song I wrote for Avery when he went on his "never going to sleep again...EVER" strike when he was like 3 months old...

Avery, you need to go to sleep
You are very tired and your mommy's very weak
Avery, you need to go to sleep
You need to go to sleep baby boy

Avery, you need to go to bed
You are very tired and your mommy's almost dead
Avery, you need to go to bed
You need to go to bed baby boy

Avery, you need to take a nap
You are very tired and your mommy's gonna snap
Avery, you need to take a nap
You need to take a nap baby boy

Sweet? No. Hilarious? We sure think so.

When Avery was born (in March, mind you) I couldn't think of any nursery rhymes or lullabies, so I've been singing him Christmas music (oh how I love Christmas music) at bedtime for 15 months now. I forsee this being hilariously confusing in the future.

Lori said...

Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one! I make up songs all...day...long. And I CAN'T STOP! I actually kinda annoy myself sometimes but my girls love it. My oldest (also a Madeline) makes up her own songs now and it's so freakin' cute. (She's 3).

My husband makes up songs too but can not sing a note on key to save his life. It's adorable though!

Oh, and my mom prides herself on the fact that my siblings and I knew every nursery rhyme there was. Seriously. So what nursery rhymes do you want to know?

Love the blog.

Dana said...

Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Waita minute... Heather, too!

At your request, some nursery rhymes: Jack Sprat; Little Jack Horner; Little Boy Blue; Humpty Dumpty; Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary; Hickory Dickory Dock... Hm, here's a website. I haven't heard of half of them!

Frozen Star said...

Sing for us Mike!

Rachel said...

We have several made up songs too! And sometimes when LG is almost asleep, we'll sing our conversation to keep from disturbing him. It is totally cheezy, and I'd deny we were doing it if someone walked in.

Jen said...

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with the poster Kristen. When my daughter, Leah, was little, I would put annoying kid music on in the car to calm her down. Now that she's 2, that's all she'll listen to and annoying kid music is jut that...ANNOYING! They have kid music sung by more popular artists. Check out cd's by They Might Be Giants, and there are others I don't remember.

And I'd love to see a video of your hubby singing on You Tube!

Nanette said...

I hadn't seen your nursery until now, so let me say that it's SUPER COOL! I really like that idea! I toyed with it on a much smaller scale than the awesomeness you created, seeing as how I'm a concert junkie and used to play half a dozen instruments. I won't be doing that, but I'm really, really impressed with how yours turned out!

I love all the songs from Mike. :)

Oh, and music will definitely be a part of our little girl's life. Heck, she's already been to four concerts, with another four before she's born. ;)